How to choose the heat dissipation mode of outdoor cabinets?

With the intensification of competition in the communication industry, in order to reduce the investment cost and operation cost, more and more operators choose outdoor communication equipment cabinets. The heat dissipation of outdoor communication equipment cabinets has various methods. Currently the common methods include natural heat dissipation, fan heat dissipation, heat exchanger dissipation and cabinet air conditioning. How to choose the heat dissipation mode of outdoor cabinets and minimize the influence to the cabinet in high and low temperature environment, which is a very important issue for operators.

1. Fan Heat Dissipation

After testing the internal temperature of the outdoor cabinet (the external environment temperature is 35℃), it can be seen from the results that the natural heat dissipation without fans leads to the high internal temperature of the system caused by the solar radiation heat and poor heat dissipation in closed cabinet. The average temperature is higher than the ambient temperature by 10℃.When fans are used for ventilation, the air temperature inside decreases, and the average temperature is about 5℃ higher than the ambient temperature.

2. Cabinet Air Conditioner

Testing internal temperature of battery cabinet (external environment temperature 50℃) dissipated by conditioner of outdoor cabinet, it can been seen from the results, when the environmental temperature is 50℃, the average temperature of battery surface is about 35℃, which can achieve reduction of about 15℃. It has a better cooling effect.

3. Heat Exchanger Dissipation 

It has the same effect as fan heat dissipation.

Heat dissipation by heat exchanger and air conditioner, the cabinet has a good sealing effect, and the protection level can reach IP55.In the case of bad external environment, heat exchanger or air conditioner heat dissipation mode should be adopted.

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